Umbrella Surveillance System
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591 Finished Kitten Nazi Zombies
590 Active Elliott A Bite
589 Active Silent Night
588 Finished Markus Berger Reunion No.1
587 Finished Alexia Ashford Your lucky day.
586 Finished Emma I like to move it move it
585 Finished Emma Gamss
584 Finished Elliott Spike It
583 Finished Elliott A Walk In The Fog
582 Finished Trixie Loud Music and Low Profiles
581 Finished Emma Happy Holidays?
580 Finished Grammercy Cold Dog in the Rain
579 Finished Phelan
578 Finished Elliott Games To Play
577 Finished Grammercy A Tentacle From Below Chuck Grammercy, after the downfall of Umbrella, makes an inquiry into TerraSave administrative assistant Eve Magnusson, to case the offices of TerraSave after the events of the Bolivar disaster. Using the beginnings of a shadow network of his former colleagues from Umbrella, and a new job at a private military company, he attempts to discover the fate of TerraSave. Where will Chuck find the truffle he needs to bring the outcast Umbrella employees back into the limelight to serve the founder's vision?
576 Finished Eve Where the wild ladies go!
575 Finished Richard Stadler 2005: Warped Research
574 Finished Ria Heroes (?) in a Half-Shell Ria, Alisha, Trixie, and Isabel fight crime, eat pizza and spend a whole lot of quarters.
573 Finished Ria Power Trio A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are all in a bar. And so is Andrei! There's probably a joke in there somewhere.
572 Finished Kitten RE4 Finale - II
571 Finished Buck Rogers Any Port In A Storm Ashur is fishing on his beach during a storm. Ria romances a merman.
570 Active Richard Stadler Day at the Bech
569 Finished Kitten RE4 Finale - I
568 Finished Silent Night
567 Active Aidan
566 Paused Eve Girls Night In!
565 Finished Emma Is it the future?
564 Finished Kidd A visit to Terrasave
563 Finished Maxim Visitors to the House
562 Finished Emma Broken strings
561 Active Eve Ready, Set, Play
560 Finished Emma A magnificent mind?
559 Finished Emma Sleeping Sickness
558 Active Eve Television - In Color!
557 Finished Emma The dead have risen?
556 Active Eve A Night In
555 Finished Esa The Lone Wanderer
554 Active Eve How Bazaar
553 Finished Elliott Arriving In Coro
552 Finished Eve Coffee and Bagels
551 Finished Eve Neon Lights
550 Finished Emma Stumbles
549 Finished Emma Strings of sorrow
548 Paused Eve Dancing Girls
547 Finished Natalya Can you stomach it?
546 Finished Emma Arcade+
545 Finished Maxim An Evening in the Tourist District
544 Active Diva Another day, another paycheck
543 Finished Emma Into scene for Diva
542 Finished Esa Spiritual Connections
541 Finished Flynn Finding PITE Emma hires Flynn to dig into PITE
540 Finished Emma A burning soul
539 Finished Esa The Missing Agent
538 Finished Elliott Inspections
537 Finished Kitten Umbrella Strikes Back
536 Finished Eve Dinner is Served
535 Finished Eve Beach Bodies
534 Finished Esa Raiding PITE Safehouse Acting on the intelligence, John, Andrei and Barns lead a strike force against a PITE safe house in Barquisimeto. Esa looks on as the overwatch. Part 2 of 4.
533 Finished Eve Elliott visits the office
532 Finished Esa Damning Information Having critical intelligence, Agent Collins gathers Rebel Commander John Black and Andrei's personal Mercenary team along with a supporter of the rebel cause to stop the impending attack in Barquisimeto. Part 1 of 4.
531 Paused Esa Oh What a Wonderful Day
530 Finished Kitten Stitch and Umbrella
529 Finished Emma create=Cleaning The Office
528 Finished Eve Aftermath
527 Finished Emma And the bombs come
526 Finished Emma Let's spread some info
525 Finished Alejandro Abandoned Treasures...
524 Finished Eve Pub Grub
523 Finished James Scott A little sausage
522 Finished Tabitha Lab Rats
521 Finished Emma PITE info time
520 Finished Emma Info dinfo
519 Finished Emma Running Wild
518 Finished Stitch 187
517 Finished Esa Refugees of Achaguas
516 Paused Buck Rogers Jurassic Parked
515 Finished Tabitha steaming mugs
514 Active Flynn Needing Medical Attention!
513 Finished Tabitha Because the food is just so awesome
512 Finished Kitten RAID - Tyrantasaurus Rex
511 Finished Tabitha recursive bac'n
510 Finished Emma It's Business Time
509 Finished John Black Rebels Getting Intel
508 Finished Eve Office Work
507 Finished Audrey Greetings Old Friend
506 Finished Alejandro Taking Puerto Cabello - Part Two
505 Finished Elliott Doughnuts Are Good For Breakfast
504 Finished Delia Twisted Talks
503 Finished Buck Rogers Wi-Fi Blues
502 Finished Emma Knives and Sporks
501 Finished Eve Video Games, Pizza and Beer
500 Finished Vinz Vinz's system gets some hits
499 Finished Flynn Fresh Employees
498 Finished PrestigeAndrei Bumper Races
497 Finished Esa Inquiry of Rebels
496 Finished Richard Stadler Coro: Gameplan Principles gather together in a command post on the outskirts of Coro to discuss operations to liberate the city.
495 Finished Eve The Tour
494 Finished Tabitha Returning Home
493 Finished Esa Welcome to the Jungle
492 Finished Emma Finishing the adventure
491 Finished Bob The Unannounced Announcement
490 Finished Esa A Days Work in Cabimas TerraSave and friends continue work for the town of Cabimas, helping the rebels and citizens with repairs to housing, medical and stocking up on supplies. As things continue to progress, a FBC solider and sympathizer to the Rebels shows up, handing off more supplies that will help the town for a long time to come.
489 Finished Esa Another Solider to the Ranks Another group of soliders is deployed to Bolivar by FBC, one of them joining the Black Sword division under the command of Esa Collins.
488 Finished Eve Back to Work
487 Paused Buck Rogers Fishing For News
486 Finished Isabel Chocolate's A Cure-All, Sometimes
485 Finished Emma The Meeting of Red and Black
484 Finished Cerberus The Bomber Man A ragtag bioterrorist group has raided the Bastion Hotel, holding multiple people hostage. The leader is threatening to detonate a T-virus bomb. Local government has called in FBC, BSAA to assist with the issue at hand. This Event is open to everyone and not limited to these factions. Player Event Conclusion: 4. Bomber Man
483 Finished Vinz Vinz' Rude Awakening
482 Finished Eve Another Day, Another Workload
481 Finished Trixie The Walk-In Tour And Swap Meet
480 Finished Emma Dinner by the lake
479 Finished Maxim The Morning After (a.k.a. Did I get leeches on me?)
478 Finished Buck Rogers Ay Caramba, Caraora!
477 Finished Eve One Thing at a Time
476 Finished Alejandro Taking Puerto Cabello - Part One
475 Finished Natalya One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila...Floor.
474 Finished Eve We Had A Good Day...Sorta.
473 Finished Markus Berger Welcome to TRICELL. Don't die.
472 Finished Silent Night A New Arrival Introductory scene for the occultist and scientist Vinz to Tricell's South American branch.
471 Finished Natalya Waiting
470 Finished Eve A Quiet Evening
469 Finished Emma The Bad News Is..
468 Finished Natalya A is for Angry
467 Finished Cerberus Not so Quiet Attack by the Cartel
466 Finished Esa Treating the Driver
465 Finished Emma All work and no play
464 Finished Esa Chasing the Supplies
463 Finished Eve Working at Cabimas
462 Finished Silent Night A Date with Archene Night
461 Finished Tabitha The Essencials
460 Finished Markus Berger Enough Evidence to hang Executives with.
459 Finished Emma New Supplies
458 Finished Delia Ummm Boss... I need to tell you something....
457 Finished Buck Rogers Mi Casa Es Su Casa
456 Finished Flynn Meeting the Employee
455 Finished Emma Forward Unto Dawn
454 Finished Alejandro
453 Finished Bob A Break for the Volunteers
451 Finished Emma Cleaning Cabimas
450 Finished Richard Stadler Two FBC Operatives Walk Onto a Houseboat
449 Finished Alejandro Not Panicking at the Disco
448 Finished Eve What a P.I.T...A?
447 Finished Emma Finding Balance?
446 Finished James Scott Weakness
445 Finished Eve Movies, Popcorn and Meetings. Oh my!
444 Finished Flynn The DSO Contractor
443 Finished Kitten Xenophobia - Part 1
442 Finished Emma Bumping into the past
441 Finished Silent Night A Meeting for Expansion - Cabimas
440 Finished James Scott Breakfast Prep
439 Finished Eve Security? In the hippy house?
438 Finished Buck Rogers White Sand
437 Finished Natalya Kicking Back
436 Finished Emma The Ugly Truth
435 Finished Ares Buchanan You, Me, and the Bottle Makes Three
434 Finished Eve A Quick Briefing
433 Finished Emma Spilling the beans
432 Finished Markus Berger Long-Range Science
431 Finished Alejandro Ye Olde Pubcrawl
430 Finished Buck Rogers Lakeside Dining Buck and Rick meet in a restaurant by the lake and discuss the finer points of self-aggrandizement.
429 Finished Benny French Roasted Benny
428 Finished Kitten What a Steal
427 Finished Cerberus Quiet Night with an Assassin or The Fall of Benny
426 Finished Kitten This will hurt you more than it hurts me
425 Finished Silent Night A Talk over some Thai
424 Finished Emma Is this the real Andrei?
423 Finished Buck Rogers The Kids Aren't Alright Trixie and Buck discuss TerraSave's actions, Wesker, and a future full of bikinis.
422 Finished Emma The New Hir
421 Finished Silent Night A Proper Meeting in Maracaibo
420 Paused James Scott Blaze It.
419 Finished Eve A Quick Briefing
418 Finished Buck Rogers Settling In Paradise
417 Finished Esa Black Sword: Argentina Black Sword along with two new recruits and Andrei head to Argentina to retrieve a weaponized virus in the hands of a Mercenary team.
416 Finished Silent Night A Last Corporate Meeting in Paris Sir Archene Night invites Doctor Markus Berger and Agent Delia Monroe for a brief discussion regarding plans for South America. Though Archene has a sudden regain of part of his most distant memories, he does not allow it to interfere with the meeting, which ends with him giving Markus an Archene Round for good luck.
415 Finished Eve While you were away..
414 Finished Alejandro
413 Finished Emma Monster Mash..ed, me.
412 Finished Trixie In Over Her Head?
411 Finished Buck Rogers Downtime Mending
410 Finished Delia Panamas in Paris
409 Finished Eve Office Work
408 Finished Alejandro One Sided Conversation
407 Finished Behemoth Buried Alive
406 Finished James Scott A Moment of Your Time.
405 Finished Emma Chit Chat is where it's at
404 Finished Benny Agreeing to Disagree
403 Finished Eve Late Night Caller
402 Finished Eve Updating the Boss
401 Finished Emma Figuring out the demons?
400 Finished Isabel Getting To The Truth
399 Finished Eve Who is "Jenny"?
398 Finished Benny The Undiscovered Coffee
397 Finished Cerberus Another Day, Another Patrol Another day, another patrol. For Trixie though, a patrol can be anything but mundane.
396 Finished Benny Reunion Dinner for TEAMNIGHT!
395 Finished PrestigeAndrei Paris DZ Aftermath
394 Finished Alejandro Converts to the Cause
393 Finished Esa DSO Investigation: Handoff DSO makes a drop for Benny with information regarding a F.B.C. investigation into the car-bombing of Emma.
392 Finished Emma A meeting of minds
391 Finished Emma Joining
390 Finished Eve Getting Down to Business
389 Finished PrestigeAndrei Another Day, Another Patrol
388 Finished Ares Buchanan Vato
387 Finished Alejandro For the Cause
386 Finished Silent Night A Simple Spar in A Chateau
385 Finished Eve Coffee and Small Talk
384 Finished Esa The Secrets You Keep, The Secrets You Tell Trixie visits Esa in the hospital. What unfolds will change her life forever as secrets are revealed.
383 Finished Benny Everybody Knows Your Name
382 Finished Bob Cafe Time
381 Finished James Scott Drinking and regrets
380 Finished Emma The aftermath of it all
379 Finished Julie Xenophobia: Cards Against Boredom
378 Finished Emma Watching Hell
377 Finished Kitten Resident Evil 3 Finale
376 Finished Bob Day Drinking
375 Finished Emma Hanging in the stables
374 Finished Esa FBC Investigation: Carbomb =Flashback scene. Emma's car was bombed and someone within the FBC was able to pull a lot of strings to get the scene cleared and a cover story placed on the nightly news. Emma's accident was covered up as a simple car crash; though rumors tell tales that it wasn't. The truth was at a seemingly abandoned warehouse on the outside. Now FBC needed to investigate what happened..
373 Finished Trixie Tricksy Digging
372 Finished Kitten Biohazard 3: Death by ?
371 Finished Bryant Crothers Biohazard 3: Dark Tide
370 Finished Emma Meet'n Greet
369 Finished Esa Dinner and Zombies
368 Finished Emma In the blink of an eye
367 Paused Celeste Shopping Sales!
366 Finished Esa FBC APR Meeting Monthly Meeting for FBC.
365 Finished Silent Night Just A Simple Checkup
364 Finished Emma Moving Forward
363 Finished Celeste Coffee and Conversations in the Cafe
362 Finished Emma Belated Christmas Scene
361 Finished Vivienne Morning Coffee
360 Finished Emma Visitations
359 Finished Silent Night Bound and Unbound
358 Finished Buck Rogers Of Mice And Coffee Buck invites Trixie out to discuss her future and magical adventures over coffee.
357 Finished Bob Emma Rolls Around
356 Finished Emma Emma awakens
355 Finished Emma Let's see if she lives
354 Finished Esa Paris Investigation: Strange Sightings
353 Finished Silent Night Project: PERFECTION
352 Finished Emma Meeting the O'Connal's
351 Finished Cerberus A Chase at the Tower Isabel actions in the QZ, knowledge of the truth of Raccoon and continuous digging had caught the attention of Umbrella. However, with the political fallout in Asia, they decide to send a skilled German assassin with Rim horned Glasses.
350 Finished Buck Rogers Death of a Hero Buck breaks terrible news to Isabel.
349 Paused Buck Rogers The Joy Of Vivisection
348 Finished Emma The Car Crash
347 Finished Molly Blabbling Bout Butchery
346 Finished Esa Filling the Ranks Finding those you trust is hard. Finding those that are on secret payroll is harder. Esa turns to the only two people he can trust within the FBC to fill the ranks with Black Sword.
345 Finished Bob Patched Up
344 Finished Chase Dalton Circling the Drain
343 Finished Buck Rogers Prayer For The Fallen
342 Finished Alice Resident Evil 3: Aftermath Finale
341 Finished Ares Buchanan An American Werewolf
340 Finished Silent Night The Route to Perfection Archene calls Markus over for a discussion, wherein they discuss and plan future genetic modifications on Archene.
339 Finished Emma Tending Andrei
338 Finished Esa It's What You Know and Who You Know Isabel escaped with the footage and the patrol was silent for the rest of the night. Seemed the hordes were lessening and it was time to report back. A text message crosses Trixies phone to report in to someone unknown - Agent Collins.
337 Finished Markus Berger Needs more than Bandages
336 Finished Esa Footage from Inside the QZ
335 Finished Vivienne More Sutures Please
334 Finished PrestigeAndrei Biohazard 3: Licker Den
333 Finished Emma Hanging Out
332 Finished Esa Meeting at the Tower
331 Finished Silent Night A Visit to the Hospital
330 Finished Esa Biohazard 3: Unto the Breach Part II
329 Finished Bob Windy Days
328 Finished Emma Let's Celebrate
327 Finished Vivienne Girl Talk
326 Finished Vivienne A Late Lunch
325 Paused Buck Rogers Barbie Girl
324 Finished Silent Night Certainly Just a Normal Afternoon
323 Finished Esa Biohazard 3:Unto the Breach
322 Finished Bob Tower of Power
321 Finished Bob New Year's Eve's Eve
320 Paused Buck Rogers Gothic Lolethal
319 Finished Vivienne Movie Night
318 Finished Buck Rogers Knives And Gargoyles
317 Finished PrestigeAndrei Kirov Down!
316 Finished Buck Rogers Welcome To The Apocalypse
315 Finished Emma Checking Up
314 Paused Buck Rogers The Truth Is Out There A TerraSave member risks it all trying to get footage of the quarantine's secrets.
313 Finished Cerberus Digging To Far
311 Finished Vivienne Checking in.
310 Finished Bob Pals at the Pantheon
309 Finished Cerberus Biohazard 3: Stalking Shadows
308 Finished Bob Bob's Healing Touch
307 Finished Esa Situational Awareness Disagreements arise after the battle in Paris Quarantine Zone between Esa Collins and Bob Delgado. Question is, who is right? - This scene takes place a few hours after Biohazard 3: Open Season (Scene 306)
306 Finished Behemoth Biohazard 3: Open Season
304 Finished Esa Licking Wounds As with all fights, be it the cold winter day on an old mans chest or those given in a fight people, eventually seek some form of medical attention. That usually means Hospital Saint-Louis; one of the best hospitals in Paris. You never know who'll show up, or what will happen.
303 Finished Chris Redfield The Burdens of Command
302 Finished Emma Stable Talk
301 Finished Bob Treat and Meet
300 Finished Chris Redfield Redfield's Anatomy
299 Active Trixie The Major Is In
298 Finished Emma Treating The Ninja
297 Finished Chris Redfield Stubborn Patient Redfield
296 Finished Vivienne Snooping
295 Finished Isabel Just Thought I'd Drop By
294 Finished Chris Redfield A Jolly Merry Christmas Ouchie
293 Finished Emma Christmas Cocktail Party
292 Paused James Scott Pre Party Preparations
291 Finished Emma Mario Brothers Showdown!
290 Finished James Scott All the Doge
289 Finished Bob Workplace Boating Excursion
288 Finished James Scott Crepes and Contusions
287 Finished Emma Upon the Eiffle Tower
286 Finished Esa South Seine
285 Finished Emma New Faces
284 Finished Chris Redfield Lost and Found a Redfield
283 Finished James Scott Cake and Sodomy
282 Finished Monkey The Hit!
281 Finished Albert Wesker Nooks and Crannies
280 Finished Emma Late Night Chit Chat
279 Finished Buck Rogers Fence Jumping
278 Finished Vivienne Just another night drinking
277 Finished Poncho Once While Spelunking...
276 Finished Buck Rogers Bistro Blues!
275 Finished Albert Wesker Chaos for the Flies
274 Finished Emma Misfit and Tears
273 Finished Poncho Gone Hunting
272 Finished Vivienne A walk along the river
271 Finished Behemoth Internal Disputes
270 Finished James Scott A Little Doctor
269 Finished Emma Old Man Healing
268 Finished Emma Plotting and Planning
267 Finished Albert Wesker Silhouette The one wherein Wesker reveals himself to Buck, and promises to infuse the Berserker with prolific amounts of experimental DNA.
266 Finished Chris Redfield Coffee is the Best News
265 Finished Kitten The scene formerly known as Scene
264 Finished Buck Rogers Breaking Buck
263 Finished Chris Redfield Dark and Foggy Night
262 Finished Buck Rogers Fire On The Mountain
261 Finished Emma Battle Scars
260 Finished Chris Redfield The Redfield of Notre Dame
259 Finished PrestigeAndrei Andrei's Got Bones!
258 Finished PrestigeAndrei Paris:The Squeakuel? Whatever.
257 Finished Benny I got Gnomed!
256 Finished Behemoth Blood Beneath The Harvest Moon
255 Finished Emma Sultry Singing
254 Finished Isabel I Can't See My House From Here
253 Finished Chris Redfield Hawt Diggity Dawgs
252 Finished Buck Rogers Sanctuary
251 Finished James Scott Ain't no party like a penthouse party
250 Finished Chris Redfield Caffine Cravings and a Jerk Sandwich
249 Finished Chris Redfield Foggy River Run
248 Finished Buck Rogers Eh, what's up, nurse?
247 Finished PrestigeAndrei Explosive Discoveries!?
246 Finished Chris Redfield A Halloween in Paris
245 Finished Emma A foggy night
244 Finished James Scott Curse of the West
243 Finished Emma Sleepless
242 Finished James Scott Bistro Blues
241 Finished Chase Dalton Chowtime at the Chateau
240 Finished Behemoth A Strict Disciplinarian
239 Finished James Scott Blue in Green
238 Finished Vivienne Busted
237 Finished Clarence Welcome to Paris!
236 Finished Chase Dalton Getting to Know You
235 Finished Vivienne A walk on the River
234 Finished Chris Redfield A Foggy Night at the Bistro
233 Finished Chase Dalton A Walk in the Park
232 Finished Emma Catacombs Aftermath
231 Finished Buck Rogers A Bone To Pick A group of concerned citizens investigate suppressed rumors of cannibal attacks in the Parisian underground.
230 Finished Ashley Graham An American and a ... What Are You? ... in Paris
229 Finished Emma The Body Guard
228 Finished Kitten Pride, Prejudice and Umbrellas.
227 Finished Cecily Shopping Break Cecily and Hunni go shopping in Paris.
226 Finished Chase Dalton Blast from the Past A mission for the FBC leads to a walk down memory lane for Chase.
225 Finished Chase Dalton Paging Doctor Pain
224 Finished James Scott Perusing the Pantheon
223 Finished Buck Rogers Fair-Weather Friends A group of people meet at a local fair in the Parisian countryside. There's cotton candy, dogs, and nothing bad happens.
222 Finished Emma Morning on the grounds
221 Finished Chris Redfield Coffee Musings at the Bistro
220 Finished Chase Dalton Peril in Paris
219 Finished Katherine Quinn FBC Raid: Niagara Falls
218 Finished Emma Under the Umbrella-Ella-Ella..
217 Finished Emma Tending a wild Andrei
216 Finished Chase Dalton Boozy Blowout at the Bistro Jack's Bistro hosts a night of half-off drinks. What could go wrong?
215 Finished Markus Berger Sharing Is Caring
214 Finished Kitten Operation Enduring Liberty
213 Finished Richard Stadler Rick Get's Andrei's Shirt Off Stadler takes a look at Andrei's wounds and patches him up.
212 Finished Chris Redfield This ain't no Gilligan's Island
211 Finished Licker The Right Stuff II
210 Finished Rashaam Bloody Stoners
209 Finished Kitten Hits from the Bong
208 Finished Licker The Right Stuff I
207 Finished Emma Bar Brawl in Jack's
206 Finished Emma Ew Germs?
205 Finished Trixie Tourist Trap
204 Finished Jill Valentine Rock Radio
203 Finished Kristin Shoes and a Sales Pitch
202 Finished Chris Redfield A Java a day keeps the B.O.W.S. at bay
201 Finished Emma Coffee Hour
200 Finished Trixie A Merry Life At Sea
199 Finished Chris Redfield Rainy Day at the Bistro
198 Finished Benny Now I know how Batman Feels
197 Finished Emma Watery Secrets
196 Finished Ashley Graham Reunion Al Fresco
195 Finished Emma Heavy Clouds
194 Finished Emma Can't think of a title
193 Finished Silent Night A Pleasant Surprise Doctor Markus Berger returns to Chateau de Night and has a brief conversation with Sir Archene Night regarding his vacation at the Heaven of the Seas and Umbrella involvement on it.
192 Finished Cute Lobster Lobstery Hijinx The two lobsters rendezvouz in Detroit for a jolly good time.
191 Finished Trixie Lost At Sea
190 Finished Albert Wesker Heavenly Abyss: FBC Debrief
189 Finished Markus Berger Return of the Doctor
188 Finished Kitten Full Big Crawdaddy
187 Finished Kitten Heavenly Abyss: End of the Line
186 Finished Emma Rainy Day in the Bistro
185 Finished Jill Valentine BSAA stands for Bed-Side Assessment Authority
183 Finished Kitten Andrei's Payday Mayday
182 Finished Emma Chateau Chatting
181 Finished Jack Roark A Taste of Home
180 Finished Fong Ling Log
179 Finished Albert Wesker Outbreak Flashback: Fever Dreams The one wherein a dying Caldwell's immune system steps up.
178 Finished Licker They're Coming to Get You Barbara
176 Finished Silent Night A Mysterious Package! Zoey Hunter comes all the way from Denver, USA to Chateau de Night by Paris, France to deliver a mysterious package to Sir Archene Night. Her timing is rather peculiar however, leading her to meeting Emma O'Connal, a resident at the Chateau and James Scott who was coincidentally also visiting. While there speak about much, no information regarding the mysterious package is obtained.
175 Finished PrestigeAndrei Man-tenance
174 Finished Emma Voided Scene
173 Finished Markus Berger Few Plans - Even fewer Ideas
172 Finished PrestigeAndrei Heaven's Pays in Plastic
171 Finished PrestigeAndrei Monkey Print T-shirt
169 Finished PrestigeAndrei Heaven's Aftermath
168 Finished Kitten Heavenly Abyss: Seizure of Power
167 Finished Kitten Heavenly Abyss
166 Finished PrestigeAndrei Heaven's Hallways
165 Finished Kitten To Boldly Go
164 Finished Ashley Graham Room to Room
163 Finished Richard Stadler Reinforcements
162 Finished PrestigeAndrei Heavenly Pow-wow!
161 Finished PrestigeAndrei Four Stars
160 Finished Kristin Surfing the world wide waffle
159 Finished Laura DSO and the Abyss
158 Finished Markus Berger Heavenly Abyss: Nothing to see but Nightmares
157 Finished Ashley Graham Dr. Horrible's Boat Along Blog
156 Finished Kitten Heavenly Abyss: The Honeymooners
155 Finished Ashley Graham Sixteen And Over
154 Finished Kalin Mikhailov Heavenly Abyss: Nightmare Vocation It is day 4 already in the ship, Markus and Kalin have a conversation in regards to the infected and what to do. Kalin is sincerely surprised at the doctor's ability to handle the situation.
153 Finished Jill Valentine Critical Condition
152 Finished Emma Field of dreama
151 Finished Kitten Heavenly Abyss: The Darkest Waters
150 Finished Isaiah Hopkins Heavenly Abyss - TerraSave Introduction
149 Finished Kitten Heavenly Abyss: FBC Prologue
148 Finished Emma Let the bodies hit the floor
147 Finished Alice RE3: And the Fields ran Red
146 Finished Kristin All for one
145 Finished Jill Valentine RE3: When it Rains it Storms.
144 Finished Emma Pairs People
143 Finished Benny Visiting Hours
142 Finished Leon Kennedy Tour de Eiffel
141 Finished Emma Waffle House Apologies
140 Finished Silent Night Being Tailed and Derailed Archene and Emma are shadowed by a mysterious man, who calls himself Christian. Who is he and what does he want? Benny comes to their aid but it seems he's done more harm than good as Emma is left in tears, leaving the two in haste.
139 Finished Leon Kennedy When in Denver
138 Finished Ashley Graham Day Drinking
137 Finished Trixie Window Shopping Reunion
136 Finished Emma What's in a future
135 Finished Ashley Graham What's Shakin, Daddy-O?
134 Finished Chris Redfield Checking Out and Moving On Chris picks up Jill from the hospital who is now fully recovered from her injuries suffered during the Raccoon City Incident. Jill addresses the Elephant in the room about Chris's dissapearance and no contact after he went missing in the Arklay Mountains. Their differences are settled over hot dogs however.
133 Finished Alice Last Train out of Raccoon
132 Finished Richard Stadler The Ritz Life
131 Finished James Scott Big Trouble in Little Denver
130 Finished Leon Kennedy Back to Reality?
129 Finished Trixie Adrift
128 Finished James Scott Lounge Act
127 Finished Leon Kennedy Late to Church
126 Finished Isabel Getting On With Life After The Bomb
125 Finished Buck Rogers Floating
124 Finished Leon Kennedy Hell of a Weekend
123 Finished Emma Waffle House Blues
122 Finished Leon Kennedy Backdated- Solo Escape Attempt
121 Finished Kitten Extraction: Roger's Chinese Theatre
120 Finished Emma What's lost is found
119 Finished Kitten Extraction: Redfield and the Churchies
118 Finished Jill Valentine Unannounced Intentions
117 Finished Claire Redfield Confessions and Confidence
116 Finished Albert Wesker _Not_ the Campus' Kennels
115 Finished Buck Rogers Memories of Outbreak
114 Finished Alice Extraction: Stylish Night
113 Finished Kitten Extraction: SO long and thanks for all the fishies
112 Finished Licker Bringing down the House
111 Finished Silent Night The Researcher and The Agent
110 Finished Ashley Graham Sir Yes Sir
109 Finished Buck Rogers Post-Plant Celebration
108 Finished Kitten Let them drink cake
107 Finished Isabel Homewrecker Down
106 Finished Ashley Graham Desperate Times
105 Finished Licker It's raining Men
104 Finished Ashley Graham Turn Your Head and Cough
103 Finished Isabel Homewreckers At Work
102 Finished Jill Valentine Redfield's Rescue
101 Finished James Scott Homecoming
100 Finished Kitten Wesker, it's your Father.
99 Finished Ashley Graham Organization is Key
98 Finished Buck Rogers Renovation Plans 2.0
97 Finished Albert Wesker Bell of Awakening -- Undead Parish The one wherein a simple thing like 'go to the University chapel' is super dangerous and complicated during an Outbreak. (Part 1 of 3)
96 Finished Mia Artisan Corner Gas
95 Finished Claire Redfield Channel 8 at 11
94 Finished Ashley Graham The Doctor Strikes Back
93 Finished Albert Wesker Batten Down the Hatches The one wherein Wesker and Andrei discuss protecting all their base.
92 Finished Trixie The Fog of War... of Nerves
91 Finished Ada Wong Bless You Child Two individuals from very different walks of life have a chance encounter in the house of God known as The Raccoon City Cathedral, during what appears to be, "Hell on Earth", for most. One carries a heavy burden and heart of gold, while the other has more ill-intentions in mind. The lines are blurred on who is who in this scene though at least one thing is for certain, one will "Lead" and the other will "Wait".
90 Finished Buck Rogers Film Critics
89 Finished Kitten True Allegiance
88 Finished Ashley Graham Church Kitchen Scraps
87 Finished Frank West Small Business Saturday Downtown continues to be a destructive cluster of a mess between The Horde and survivors alike. However, one group seeks to widen the gap and seek to expand their territory for the betterment of the survivors as a whole. A recon team is sent to survey the potential expansion when things go awry.
86 Finished Licker Bang Bang
84 Finished Leon Kennedy Church House Quickie
83 Finished Kitten Fireworks beautiful firewerks
82 Finished Alice Night and Day
81 Finished Kitten Fox and the Hound
80 Finished Kitten I spy with my little eye something named you
79 Finished Isabel Return of the Home Invaders
78 Finished Benny The National Guard Wants YOU Benny's scavenging run for Bubble Team finds Trixie, an old friend from S.T.A.R.S. and there was much rejoicing!
77 Finished Leon Kennedy Red Kennedys
76 Finished Benny Cults, Kidnapping and James Oh My! Benny returns to base, explaining to Archene and Markus about losing both Emma and James during a scavenging run gone horribly wrong.
75 Finished Trixie Red and Green Fields
74 Finished Leon Kennedy Church-House Blues
73 Finished Ashley Graham After the Chaos
72 Finished Richard Stadler Church Regroup
71 Finished Emma Away
70 Finished Ingrid Hunnigan Redfield 1: VIP Extraction
69 Finished Kitten Evacuate. Escape. Eviscerate.
68 Finished Emma In the lab
67 Finished Tobias Hunter Cross-town mailservice
66 Finished Laura Co-operative home invasion A tense meeting leads to a chance to calm down a little and burglarize
64 Finished Kitten Wounded Dove
63 Finished Ashley Graham Ruuuuuuuuuun!
62 Finished Silent Night A Brief Survey
61 Finished Ingrid Hunnigan Ashley gets eaten not by Leon but by Zeek the Zombie
60 Finished Silent Night Bloody First Meetings Emma, Benny and James come to the safehouse where they find Markus, but James is heavily injured. Luckly, they have Emma to fix the situation.
59 Finished Kitten Fanservice
58 Finished Isabel Pub Crawl Of The Living Dead
57 Finished Kitten R.I.P. becca chambers
56 Finished Trixie Temporary Sanctuary
55 Finished Rebecca Chambers Deep in the Darkness
54 Finished Emma Cafe 13
53 Finished Barry Burton The Annual RPD Holiday Ball The Annual RPD Holiday Ball is a Raccoon City tradition that was revived by Mayor Michael Warren. In December 2004, Chief Irons strives to provide the best charity ball yet. Santa makes an appearance to provide gifts but some very peculiar guests make their own appearance for the attendees. A calm before the storm.
52 Finished Rain Ocampo First day on the Job
51 Finished Rebecca Chambers A Scene Without Porpoise When the zoo is taken over by environmental terrorists, S.T.A.R.S. is on the case! Pre-outbreak, warning: tentacles.
50 Finished Kitten And all the Kings men
49 Finished Silent Night The Beginning of a Proper Partnership
48 Finished Isabel Invaders In Bookspace
47 Finished Ada Wong Red, White, and Hue. The Umbrella Holiday Party! - Wow there is a lot going on and the organization has spared no expense in celebrating a year of profit and success. Many are in attendance and looking for fun! However, could there be some rotten eggs who look to spoil the festivities?
46 Finished Rebecca Chambers Career Fair Day!
45 Finished Rebecca Chambers Act 1 Finale: Smaller Less Official Sceen
44 Finished Kitten Act 1 Finale
43 Finished Ashley Graham School's Out
42 Finished Buck Rogers Driving A Hard Bargain
41 Finished Barry Burton Dismal Days A multitude of dismal and difficult situations arise around Mission Street when Raccoon Hospital remains in steady chaos and the RPD patrol around. However, the pair of Barry and Trixie make a quick stop at Barry's home when they are encountered by an unexpected damsel in distress!
40 Finished Rebecca Chambers Emanations
39 Finished James Scott Hospital Heartache
38 Finished Trixie That Hospital Smell...
37 Finished Kitten Trixie Stix
36 Finished Trixie Another Day In The Life
35 Finished Kitten Park Rangers
34 Finished Jack Roark Did I see who in here?
32 Finished Markus Berger Unpleasant Days
31 Finished Kitten Twisted Revelations
30 Finished Richard Stadler Fraying Bandages A group of 4 scared professionals try to come to grips with what's happening in a hospital on the verge of crisis.
29 Finished Jill Valentine Wild Stallions
28 Finished Claire Redfield Zoobilee Zoo
27 Finished Silent Night A Great Night at Jack's Bar
26 Finished Rebecca Chambers Tag! You're it!
25 Finished Claire Redfield A day in the life!
24 Finished Sergei Vladimir Ivan Interrupted
23 Finished Leon Kennedy Plotting and Scheming
22 Finished Silent Night A Certainly Simple Day in the Hospital
21 Finished Albert Wesker Ridin' Varmint The one wherein Wesker takes Caldwell (infected) varmint shootin', for the safety and security of Raccoon City.
20 Paused William Birkin Moving Out
19 Finished Albert Wesker Circling the Wagons The one wherein Barry brings sensitive intelligence and hella big concerns to Wesker.
18 Finished William Birkin Under the Scalpel
17 Finished Licker 187 on a shooting Star
16 Finished Albert Wesker Drums in the Deep The one wherein Wesker hedges his bets with an old friend, and proves to be psychic as hell calling the nature of incoming bad news.
15 Finished Frank West We The People The students of Raccoon City University have organized and arranged a public protest to speak out against Mayor Bright and the inaction taken by the city for the actions as of late.
14 Finished Ares Buchanan Waffle House Blues
13 Finished Sherry Birkin Hi Claire. Bye Claire.
12 Finished Claire Redfield It's hard out here for a Pig
11 Finished Jill Valentine Return to Barrys!
10 Finished Albert Wesker (Un)Dead Drop The one wherein Doctor Berger and a Mysterious Voice discuss lots and lots of actionable intelligence.
9 Finished Alice Bye Felicia
8 Finished Rebecca Chambers Wesker and Chambers: Reloaded
7 Finished Rebecca Chambers S.T.A.R.S. for Lunch
6 Finished Jill Valentine Barry's Clues
5 Finished Jack Roark A Night at Jack's (12/6/2016)
4 Finished Jane Chelsea End of the Line Chapter 5 introduction. Rain and Jane finish the job in the Arklay Mountains.
3 Finished Jane Chelsea Wyvern Team Go! Chapter 4 Epilogue. Katherine's return home.
2 Finished Kitten Archene Night-mare Chapter 4 Epilogue. Archene's escape.
1 Finished Licker Checkpoint Checklist